Junior Grading - Kids Belts

Junior Grading

Hey Guys,

Junior Grading Confirmation

The grading has been confirmed for Sunday 23rd July. Sensei Tom will be coming down to see how you’re all getting on.

The grading will be 2 hours long from 2pm to 4pm so remeber to bring water. It will be a mons(tags) grading for yellow belts and a mons / full belt grading for novices and reds.

Junior Grading - Kids Belts

Junior Grading – Kids Belts

Summer Party

We will be having a summer party after the grading so please bring some clothes to get changed into for after the grading. Details about the party will follow shortly.

A Visit from Cardiff

A Visit from Cardiff Jitsu Club

A Visit from Cardiff

A Visit from Cardiff

Visit from Cardiff

Last night a group of students from the Cardiff Jitsu club came along to check out our new digs. They even dragged one of their instructors along!

Thanks for coming down guys we had a great time.

Jitsu Juniors

New Training Times for Jitsu Juniors

Jitsu Juniors

Jitsu Juniors

Jitsu Juniors – Training Times

St Athan Jitsu Juniors training times have changed for 2017.

Kids’ lessons will now be from 6:00pm – 7:30pm and are open to children from age 6 upwards.

Spaces are limited however so please call or drop us an email to see if there is room.

Our prices will remain £3 per session and the first session is free.

Senior Times

The Seniors lessons will be 7:30pm – 9:30pm and are open to all ages from 14 upwards. This Costs £4 per session.

Adam Jenkins - Jitsu Instructor

New Jitsu Mats Installed in Community Center

Adam Jenkins - Jitsu Instructor

Adam Jenkins – Jitsu Instructor

Jitsu Mats Installed

Instructor Adam Jenkins is shown here installing the new jitsu mats in the Community Centre.


Safety is paramount for our students and these new jitsu mats enhance the surface, with good grip and impact tolerence.