Information for the Jiu Jitsu Foundation National Junior Championships

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Dear St Athan Club Member,

The Jiu Jitsu Foundation senior instructors and the competition team are really looking forward to seeing you and your Jiu jitsu club members at the junior randori competition on 27th April. Here is some information and a couple of requests.

In order for us make the day a success we need your help, please:

  • Let you club know competitors weight and if they have relevant experience in judo or another style of jiu jitsu as early as possible. Note that competitors must be registered online via TJJF website by midnight on Wednesday 24th April 2019 (Please speak to Sensei Adam Jenkins to ensure you are registered)
  • Remember that the day is for the children. Encouraging them to fight hard is fine, but please keep the obvious enthusiasm under control as we know that some children can be upset by excessive shouting.
  • Also remember that all instructors, helpers and the organisers are volunteers and are there to ensure your children have the opportunity to compete in a national event. Also remember that they are human and they may make the odd mistake. If you think a mistake has happened please consult the event referee or lead instructor.
  • Please communicate in a calm manner and avoid shouting at the officials who are trained to referee and look after your child’s safety and shouting can also upset and distract the children. We all want the day to be an enjoyable one so I hope you can support all the instructors and helpers to ensure that this happens.

The anticipated timetable for the day is:

Saturday 27th April 2018 Walsall Judo Centre, Walsall Campus, Delves Road, Walsall, WS1 3BD- 01902 518 9000

Arrival and registration 09:30 Weighing in
Jiu Jitsu Course for Juniors
Jiu Jitsu Course & referee course for instructors
Grading and hakama/ senior primary assessments
10:00 Taught by Senior instructors
Lunch 12:00
Competition begins 12:30 Medal and trophies will be awarded throughout the day
Open competition 15:00
Grading results, awards and goodbye 16:30
Please be aware that these times might slip a bit on the day, but we will aim to keep to them.

You will notice some changes this year, nothing major but they should help make the day run more smoothly and keep you up to date on how your club is doing – up until the open that is……

Types of competition and Reminders (*denotes new or amendments)

*There will be separate boys and girls categories this year.
*We aim to treat age 15+ and large 14+ as a completely separate category

(If there are not enough competitors in one category then they will be moved up or down a weight category. If a person is moved to a lower weight and grade category then only use techniques for that lower grade category. This also applies to individuals who are moved up a grade or weight category. The techniques that can used is biased towards the lowest grade in the bought)
*We are looking to have the following mixed grade categories:

  • Junior novice/white/yellow/orange
  • Junior Green and above
  • Weight categories ( we aim to have a maximum of a 5KG weight difference per category however this may be reduced for the very young light weight juniors)

Open category large: Separate boys and girls
*Shime waza strangles/chokes (now being introduced- providing that both competitors have been taught these techniques- There will also be a course on this at the nationals)

  • Age 15 and above
  • Green belt and above
  • +55KG (may vary on the day due to which boy/girls take part on the day)

Open category small: Separate boys and girls

  • Age 15 and above
  • Green belt and above
  • -55KG (may vary on the day due to which boy/girls take part on the day)

Arm locks for age 14 and above and who are green belt and above (kimura is not allowed- where the opponent’s arm is held bent against their back, and their hand forced upwards towards the neck.)

Tips for the day

  • Please ensure that your licence is up to date and inform the instructor A.S.A.P if it is about to run out.
  • Please ensure that your child’s nails are kept short to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Pack a lunch and snacks and plenty of fluid.
  • Bring your license to the grading for signing
  • Bring any medications with you /.g. inhaler, insulin etc.

Sumo Competition ( sumo waza)

Who can enter: Novice/white/yellow/orange
*Both competitors will start in a sitting position in a back to back (rather then facing each other in previous years)

  • Competitors will attempt to push their opponent from the contest square by means of
  • Grappling by gripping the opponents Gi only and not pushing against the face or grabbing fingers.
  • One knee must be on the ground at all times

Sumo Scoring

  • A score of Ippon is awarded when a player successful pushes half or more of their opponents’ body out of the competition square
  • Competition win is awarded when a player has scored 2 Ippons (contest over)
  • 3 x Chui (penalty) = contest win to opponent regardless of if player has 1 Ippon score (contest over)

(Instructors/ referees will stop a fight if they believe either contestant is being unsafe either towards themselves or their opponent)

Below is a basic summary who can enter, banned techniques and safety considerations for complete information please see randori nationals competition rules

Ne Waza Competition ( back to back grappling)

Who can enter?

  • Novice/white/yellow/orange
  • Green/purple/light blue
  • Dark blue/brown/all dan

Banned Ne-Waza Techniques – Overview

  • Wrist locks, head locks, leg locks and ankle locks are not permitted in any circumstance.
  • Hold Downs that encircle the head without at least one of the losing player’s arms.
  • Any technique that covers the face potentially restricting breathing.


  • At all times the referee must be able to see exactly what is going on.
  • In many cases this may necessitate the referee dropping to the mat for a clear view.
  • The above is of utmost importance especially when a hold down, strangle or arm lock is being employed.
    • A visual communication with the losing player is necessary to be sure they have not: o Lost (or about to lose) consciousness.
    • Lost the ability to tap (arm trapped).
    • Become distressed by the situation.
  • If one or both players leave the fighting area the contest is stopped and restarted in the centre.

Tachi Waza Competition (standing randori for green belt and above only)

Banned Tachi Waza Techniques

  • All single and double handed leg grabs (including Kata Guruma).
  • All sacrifice throws(not allowed in junior compeition)
  • All wrestling style pickups and take downs.
  • Kani Basami (Crab Scissor Throw) or any similar technique with could cause danger to the knees.
  • Kubi Nage (Neck Throw) or any similar technique with could cause danger to the Neck.
  • Toshi Style Throws that block/straighten the knee.
  • Standing Arm Locks.
  • Standing Strangles.
  • Standing Wristlocks.
  • Standing Headlocks.
  • All striking techniques.
  • Gripping any part of the body (e.g. the wrist) instead of the gi.


  • Player’s attempting to avoid being thrown by twisting out onto their front whilst airborne should be warned and penalised if attempts persist.
  • If one or both players leave the fighting area the contest must be stopped and restarted in the centre.
  • Attempts at sweeping techniques should be monitored for knee safety.
  • Neck safety is paramount at all times. The following situations must be controlled and penalised:
    • Kubi Nage style throws that over pressure the neck.
    • The gi being pulled over the head.
    • Gripping the back of the neck not the gi.
    • Throws that result in the thrown player landing on their head.
  • Knee safety is paramount at all times. The following situations must be controlled and penalised:
    • Kani Basami style throws.
    • Any throw that locks the knee out straight.

We look forward to seeing you and your club on the Saturday 27th April at Walsall Judo Centre.

Yours in Budo on behalf of the competition team,

Sensei Raj Soren

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