22 September St Athan Jitsu Return to Training Update

Hi Guys,

I hope you have all manged to stay safe and well over the last few months. It has been a difficult time for everyone and I have espescially missed seeing you all train and progress on the mat. We have however not been idle over the summer and have been preparing to get back to training in as safe a manner as possible. With that in mind we have purchased some new equipment and developed methodologies for socially distance training. We have also moved over to a new parent organisation The Jiu Jitsu Foundation. We are now part of the largest single style Jiu Jitsu organisation in the UK with over 2500 members. We have had a close relationship with the Jiu Jitsu Foundation for the last four years and many of you have already attended (and won trophies) the Junior National Championships hosted by them. For more info about the TJJF please see the website www.jitsufoundation.org

Now for slightly sadder news: Whilst we had planned to return to training this Friday, we are keeping a very close eye on the evolving rules regarding Covid and how to keep us all safe. Following the UK and Welsh Government announcements today, we are expecting an update to the Welsh legislation on Thursday this week. To give us time to review, and to receive any guidance from our National Governing Body, we are going to postpone our proposed start date by one week to Friday 2nd October. We are hopeful that our plans which are already in place to reduce the risk of covid will be sufficient and training will commence shortly.

With that in mind there are a few changes to the way that we are going to be able to train. We will be setting up individual training areas for students so that they can remain socially distanced from each other. There will be slightly larger training areas for siblings/members of the same household so that they can train together. This will mean that we can only accomodate 11 students per session. You will be able to book a slot by going to www.stathanjitsu.co.uk and clicking on our events calendar. Just select the training session you wish to attend and the click on the “Book” button. You will need to enter some details including name and telephone number. The system will only let 11 slots be booked. If there are no slots left when you try to book please give me a call or drop me an email and I will add you to the reserve list. Please ensure that you come to the hall already in your Gi (training uniform) as there will be no changing alowed in at the venue. There will also be a return to training health declaration form to sign and we will be carrying out health monitoring for every session including temperature checks using an infrared thermometer.

As we are now part of the Jiu Jitsu Foundation there is new way to register and pay for your (or you child’s) license. Here’s the link to the online licence form : https://pdf.ac/9bs6SW (also available via the forms section on The Jiu Jitsu Foundation’s website). Please note that you will need to purchase a license before starting back to ensure that you are insured.

Please stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you all on the mat soon.

Sensei Adam.