We’re back!

Hey Guys,
The firebreak lock down is over and we’re back to training. Please remember to book your place online at www.stathanjitsu.co.uk.
We will be continuing with the same format as before the lock down, ensuring that we do all we can to keep people safe, in line with the Covid-19 guidelines. If you have any concerns or questions about getting back on the mat the please feel free to email or call me at any time. I’m always happy to have a chat and will aim to help as much as I can. Likewise, if you have any ideas or suggestions or would like to get more involved with the club please get in touch.

I know that some of the students have put on growth spurts over the summer and if anyone is in need of a new training suit (Gi) then please let me know. I do have some in stock and can always order more in if we don’t ave the right size at the moment.
I look forward to seeing you on the mat soon.
Stay safe,

Adam Jenkins Sensei