What is Jiu Jitsu?

What is Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu Jitsu is a physical and mental discipline that provides effective self-defence and self-development. It is a traditional Japanese martial art that has been tried and tested over many hundreds of years, with a wide variety of techniques which rely on the principles of compliance and flexibility.

Self Defence and Restraint Techniques

Today it is found in many self-defence and restraint techniques used by police and armed forces the world over, and is the basis of the physical skills taught in most self-defence courses. It takes a rational approach to the way the body works and how to make the best use of your size and strength when dealing with an attacker.

Gentle Art

Jiu Jitsu means literally the ‘Gentle Art’, as it relies on the application of technique rather than strength. In the same way that a willow tree bends with the wind, so too should a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu adapt to the force of the attack and turn it to his or her advantage.

Jiu Jitsu consists of a wide range of techniques which include joint locks, throws, immobilisations and strikes to nerve points and vulnerable parts. Practice of Jiu Jitsu encourages awareness, confidence and adaptability to circumstances. These are crucial elements in personal safety.